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 We have some second-hand uniforms for sale.

Cash only on pick up (please have exact money, NO Change will be given), pick up from school office

 Polar fleeces $20 each

1 x size 8, 1 x size 10, 9 x size 12, 9 x size 14, 1 x size 16, 1 x size 18

1 x small, 2 x medium & 1 x XL

 School shirts $10

4 x size 12, 1 x size 14 & 1 x size 16

 School shorts $10

1 x size 10 & 1 x small

 PE Shorts $10

1 x size 12, 1 x size 14 & 1 x size 16


Newlands Intermediate is a uniform school.

All students are required to be in full uniform to attend Newlands Intermediate School.

All students must arrive at school in the correct school uniform and must leave school in the correct school uniform. School uniform must be worn to all school events with the exception of mufti days, camps and other events as specified by the principal.





















Let’s talk uniform...

Change is always difficult to manage and we are aware that the current uniform change is causing some disquiet in the community. I hope the information below will answer some if not all of these concerns. Keep reading...



Uniform Requirements

Our dress uniform, to be worn daily, consists of;

  • A blue and red polo shirt
  • Blue drill shorts
  • White ankle socks
  • Sneakers

A blue and red polar fleece and blue track pants are available to wear at all times.

In winter only a navy or black thermal may be worn beneath the polo shirt.

In terms 1 and 4 all students must wear a sunhat.


Our PE uniform, brought to school for sport and fitness each day, consists of;

  • A red and blue PE shirt
  • Blue PE shorts


Our uniform can be purchased from NZ Uniforms.

Their retail outlet is at 167 Thorndon Quay, Wellington, 0800 698 643

To order your uniform online through NZ Uniforms click here.



  • The only jewellery to be worn is a wristwatch and one or two small, plain studs in each ear.
  • Hair accessories must be discreet and tidy. Hair must be tied up when working in the technology areas.
  • No nail polish or dyed hair.
  • No make-up.



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