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This is a sheep heart. We had it in our class so we could learn about the heart and its four chambers. Some things that we learned are: the right side of the heart is called the right atrium which is the top one and the right ventricle is the bottom one. On the other side is the left atrium and ventricle. The heart felt hard and when you squeezed it with your fingers it compressed. This showed how the blood and oxygen was moved through the heart. It made a squelching sound while I did it and it was like when you step in the mud. It was pretty interesting for me but some people got a bit freaked out. I thought the heart would only be red but it had some white on it which is fat. I would want to do it again because it was really interesting.  I liked it.   

By Oliver Milliken

Room 11.

Room 11 Science Dissection

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