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Angela Lowe
The transition from childhood to adolescence is marked by growth and change, and physical and emotional development. Intermediate schooling is specifically designed to meet the needs of emerging adolescents. Students at intermediate begin to develop the ability to understand abstract concepts, question values, develop a more mature sense of identity and form closer personal relationships with their peers and adults.

The two years spent at Newlands Intermediate mark a period where students are encouraged and indeed start to become independent, think independently, take responsibility for their decisions and actions and begin to focus on their future.

It is incumbent upon us at Newlands Intermediate to provide a wide, stimulating range of learning opportunities to meet the needs of all our learners. We pride ourselves on the 21st century teaching and learning we provide in an environment and within a culture that encourages personal excellence, self-management, resilience and resourcefulness.

Newlands Intermediate has a strong culture of care and respect. We value commitment, effort, honesty, care for others, self-discipline and respect for ourselves and the environment.

We offer a curriculum that reflects the needs and aspirations of our students and community. The need for early adolescents to be active, be involved in their learning directions and explore new opportunities independent of home is reflected in our daily programme.

Our teachers are committed to meeting the needs of our students and we are continually reflecting on how we can improve our practice and provide the very best learning outcomes for the students in our care.

Newlands Intermediate offers a modern learning environment with flexible learning spaces, supported by the latest digital technologies, generous and modern outdoor recreation areas,
specialist technology teaching and opportunities to explore and excel in performing arts.

We have a reputation for academic achievement, respectful students committed to their learning, caring, responsive teachers and a school embedded in its community.

Angela Lowe,



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