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Our Curriculum

Newlands Intermediate offers a broad but balanced curriculum that integrates the core learning areas of literacy, maths, social sciences and science.

Our teaching and learning is focused on developing 5 specific traits in our young people.

  • Curiosity – the ability to ask questions and explore how the world works.
  • Creativity – the ability to generate new ideas and apply them in practice.
  • Criticism – the ability to analyse information and ideas to form reasoned judgements.
  • Collaboration – the ability to work constructively with others.
  • Citizenship – the ability to engage constructively with society and to participate in the processes that sustain it.

Sir Ken Robinson, Creative Schools

Each term the direction and context for our learning is set by a “Big Idea”.


Term 1

“Ko Wai Au?” – Who are we and where do we come from?

Term 2

Discoveries and Inventions – Our science term

Term 3

The World at Our Doorstep – International events, great literature, development education or a social science focus

Term 4

Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations – Our Future Selves, careers, health education


Sexuality Education

We have followed the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and the Education Review Office and adopted the Sexuality Education learning resource developed by the Family Planning Association. It has always formed the basis of what we have taught but we have now opted for the updated, more in-depth resource. We would be happy to talk through the resource with parents at an information evening on Thursday, July 29 at 6pm here at school. To access the resource, please CLICK HERE



Drama Classes

"Drama Workshop" It's time to get creative in a fun, fast-paced drama session suitable for both the budding performer and total beginner! We'll be covering basic acting skills, ensemble work and having LOTS OF FUN!!!



Every day there are core teaching and learning times for literacy and mathematics. These are taught in homerooms by classroom teachers. Literacy and mathematics are the cornerstones to our curriculum. Mathletics and Spellodrome are integral parts of our mathematics and literacy programmes, both in – class learning and a major component of home learning.

Our afternoon programme offers opportunities to learn a second language, play an instrument, learn specific digital skills, look at science concepts like fair testing and participate in health education.

All our students have the opportunity to extend their learning in the technology curriculum. This currently includes Food Technology, Design Technology, Visual Art, and Hard Materials. Every student spends 5 mornings a term in one of these learning areas. The emphasis in these curriculum areas is on the design process.

Each day there are opportunities for physical activity, fitness, PE skill building and school – wide sports and games.

All students are encouraged to set their own learning goals in every area of the curriculum, identify the steps to success, who and what can help them achieve these goals and then provide evidence of their success and achievements. We offer extension opportunities to students in maths, English, science and digital technology.

In terms 2 and 3 our science extension students plan, prepare, test and record science investigations for the annual NIWA Science Fair.

Students who need extra support with their learning are part of enrichment groups in reading, writing, maths and English language learning. We have a SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator) who currently works three days per week. At the start of every year we have a camping experience to build relationships, test resilience, develop early independence and take advantage of summer weather.















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