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26 September 2019 Newsletter



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Help for buying a “Bring Your Own Device”

Your child really benefits from having their own device that comes to school with them and goes home with them. Ideally, what we would prefer is a laptop with a keyboard running a full version of Windows 10 that is capable of running Minecraft. It doesn’t need to be expensive and it doesn’t need to last them through all of their college years (although it can certainly be part of their early college years if it is looked after and has a good case or sleeve to protect it). Some children can be clumsy at this age and dropping expensive equipment is inevitable for them, so buying a cheaper temporary laptop would be perfect, whereas other parents might want to buy something that caters for more advanced programs that their child might require outside of school. Either way, buying a good quality thick “sleeve” and or bag to protect their device as it travels to and from or around school is a must. We have found that devices with Solid State Drives (SSD) help get students to task much quicker and are much more reliable - so look out for devices with SSD as they are well worth paying a little extra for.

There are many brands to choose from, such as Asus, Acer, HP, and Lenovo. They all have offerings from $450 to $1500 that include keyboards and fit different families’ budgets. Some good shops that have “education specials” or “student discounts” are Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman, and PB Tech.

It’s a good idea to visit these suppliers’ websites first to do some research, and then visit the actual shop to get an idea of size and weight and obviously get their advice and guidance on which device is going to give you the best bang for your buck. Remember to get a good sleeve or bag at the same time.

Changes to school bus services for term 4 2019

We have been advised that there will be changes to our school bus services from Monday 14 October 2019. Please CLICK HERE to access the full document.


Out of Zone Enrolments for 2020

The board of trustees at Newlands Intermediate has determined that 10 places are likely to be available for out-of-zone students next year.
Applications for out-of-zone enrolments must be made online via the school website by Thursday September 12th 5pm. Please CLICK HERE for further information.


Sexuality Education

We have followed the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and the Education Review Office and adopted the Sexuality Education learning resource developed by the Family Planning Association. It has always formed the basis of what we have taught but we have now opted for the updated, more in-depth resource. We would be happy to talk through the resource with parents at an information evening on Wednesday August 28th at 7pm here at school. To access the resource, please CLICK HERE.


Emergency Evacuation Procedure Practice

25 March 2019

Kia ora parents and caregivers
In light of the recent events in Christchurch we think it is important to have an Emergency Evacuation Practice.
Please read the attached letter to be informed and prepared.
A paper copy of this note is coming home this week.

Angela Lowe

Strategic Plan for 2019

To view our school's strategic plan for 2019, please CLICK HERE.


Global Play Day

As the world wakes up to the pressures of school and the lack of opportunities in a day for children to play, the Global Play Day has been gaining traction. Newlands Intermediate has participated in the Global Play Day for 4 years and this year are adding a day to each term. Our first attempt at Global play hours is on Monday 18th February. Watch THIS VIDEO to find out more about the rationale behind Global Play Day.


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