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Epic games designs at Newlands Intermediate featured in the Independent Herald

23 August 2017

An extract from the Dominion Post: Karl du Fresne: Extraordinary people in our own backyard

2 September 2016


On a completely different level, on the day after my brother's funeral this week my wife and I saw evidence of "ordinary" people – in this case, teachers – also making a difference.

Our grandson starts at Newlands Intermediate School next year and because his mother had a conflicting commitment, we took him to an orientation morning at the school.

Everything about it was a revelation. There was a contagious buzz about the school: a sense that the kids were there not because they had to be, but because they wanted to be.

The boy who showed us around was articulate, confident and knowledgeable, but even more striking was his obvious pride in the school and his pleasure in being able to show it to others. 

As we wandered around, I felt privileged to be observing the New Zealand of the future in the making.

It will be a very different country from the one I grew up in. For a start, a very high proportion of the pupils are not of Anglo-Saxon origin. But there was an unmistakeable sense of inclusiveness. These were kids who were clearly very comfortable in each other's company, despite widely varying cultural backgrounds.

Such things don't happen by accident. The buzz must originate from the principal and teachers, who have created an educational environment where kids seem to feel happy, confident and eager to learn.

I came away with a feeling of optimism and a fresh appreciation of good things going largely unnoticed right under our noses. 

- The Dominion Post

Newlands Intermediate Student featured in the Independent Herald

24 August 2016

Outstanding Performance at Stage Challenge

28 July 2016
Our students scooped up eight excellence awards at the Term 2 Stage Challenge competition:
  • Student Horizons Award of Excellence for Performance Skill
  • Tearaway Magazine Award of Excellence for Choreography
  • Thomas George Macarthy Award of Excellence for Stage Use
  • Ministry of Education Award of Excellence for Concept
  • Ministry of Youth Development Award of Excellence for Drama
  • The Edge Award of Excellence for Soundtrack
  • Wellington Community Trust Award of Excellence for Costuming Character
  • Canon Award of Excellence for Visual Enhancement


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