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We believe that during times of uncertainty and change the hauora (well-being) of our students and learning community needs to come first.  Therefore, we have designed a home learning model that reflects our kaupapa here at Newlands Intermediate.  At the centre of our model is our ti kouka tree which represents resilience, compassion, and diversity.  From this, we have used a head, heart and hands idea to show ways in which learning could happen.



How will learning be delivered?

Teachers will deliver information and tasks to students through platforms which all students are already familiar with.  All students have email addresses, Seesaw accounts, Mathletics, Write that Essay and the Google suite.  Syndicates will work together to deliver varied  programmes of learning to all students in their syndicate.  

Will students be able to choose what they learn?

Absolutely.  Student choice is very important for motivation and interest.   Each syndicate will provide a home learning grid with instructions that outline what choices your child has.  Some students may already have ongoing projects they are working on at home.  Home learning can look different out of class.   It is more student driven.  Students have choice over the topic they engage with.

When will my child’s teacher be available?

Teachers will communicate with students on a regular basis.  They will be on hand to assist students and this could look different depending on how each syndicate operates.  Contact could be through email, google hangout or Seesaw.  Your child’s teacher will communicate with you about home learning expectations and availability timeframes.

Does my child need to set up a timetable?

We encourage students to think about how they will plan their day so they can manage family commitments and take part in learning activities.  Some students benefit from having structure.  Other students prefer to work with more flexibility taking into account the needs of their family. 

Is my child required to be online all the time?

No.  We recognise that not everyone has access to a device or wi-fi therefore our home learning model is based around activities that can be engaged with on and off line.  

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