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On Thursday 7th February we got suited up and we went up to the bees to see the outdoor hives - check out the cool photo of us!!  We wanted to see if there was honey in the supers. 

A super is a box that holds 10 frames of honey.  They are stacked on top of each other to make a hive.  We got 12 frames of honey out and we are going to sieve and jar it.  We used a hive tool and a smoker to calm the bees down and we needed to use a paintbrush to get the bees off the honey comb.  Some of the bees got stuck in the honey. 

We have left some frames of honey in the hive so they have food for winter.  It was unsuccessful where the honeycomb broke out of the cells and started to stick to the other comb.  Some of the bees got stuck in the honey.  The honey is really sweet, silky and smooth.  It will be smoother once it goes through the sieve.  Look out for details on the website for when you are able to buy a jar.


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