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We strongly believe in developing life long learners who contribute positively to society. As such our staff model this through ongoing professional development and commitment to the values and beliefs that society expects of us. Staff are heavily involved in the planning and implementing of programmes, the extra-curricular cultural and sporting groups, and the establishment of strong community relationships with the families of our school.


Angela Lowe

Deputy Principals: 

Office Staff:

Classroom Teachers:

P1: Jared Simons (Team Leader)

P2: Annabelle Schmid

P3: Dianne McKenzie

P4: Aaron Cope                                                                                                         

Room 1: Leanne Stubbing (Team Leader)                                                                   

Room 2: Brooke Sutherland

Room 3: Daniel Miller

Room 4: Ian Svela

Room 5: Michaela Maeda

Room 6: Shani Luxford

Room 7: Shelley Olliver-Bell (Team Leader)



Room 8: Nic Turner

Room 9: Nima Pemerika

Room 10: Lucy Harnden

Room 11: Louise Moncrieff (Team Leader)

Room 12: Billy Miskimmin

Room 13: Brie Jessen-Vaughan

Release teachers:

Amelia Mazur

Julia Nelson                                                                                                                       

Anna Boyack                                                                                                                        


Diverse Learners Support Leaders

Rhiannon Cameron                                                                    

Tony Birch                                                                                                                            

Sports Coordinator

Deb Mills

Teacher Aides / English Language Assistants: 

Megan Cooper (Team Leader)

Fiona Strawbridge

John Cope

Sean Tai

Michele Lawrence

Rajes Kumar

Megan Lincoln

Sarah Caulcutt

Martin Paurini

Ryan Sumer


Morris Barling

School Project Manager / International Student Coordinator

Rama Smith

Learning Support Teacher

Berenice Jackson


Heather Taylor and Megan Gill


Ben Clarke 


Board of Trustees

Board Members

Susie Ellis - Board chairperson

Neil Hatfield 

Geoff Charles

Rachel Ikurere

Leonie Vines

Louise Moncrieff - Staff representative

Angela Lowe - Principal



We are lucky to have a committed, dynamic board guiding and supporting Newlands Intermediate. We look forward to working with the wider school community to make our school the best we can for our kids.

In June 2019, we welcomed two new board members, Rachel Ikurere and Leonie Vines.

Kia Ora, my name is Rachael. I have 3 children, Eli (11) is in his first year at NIS, Luke (10) and Hannah (8) are both at Newlands Primary School. I am very involved in the local community with Newlands Junior Rugby Club (having served on the committee, managed teams & coached). I am also a committee member for Olympic Athletics Club, plus I serve as a deacon at our church in Johnsonville. My pre-children professional background was in the investment sector and my current role is Finance Manager for Hockly Plumbers. I am passionate about giving children every opportunity to succeed. I believe a big part of that is through relationships. The intermediate years are where children are forming those key relationships and learning how to express themselves through not only their classroom studies but by their interactions with teachers, coaches, and their peers. I would like the opportunity to be part of the board that can help our NIS teaching and leadership team feel supported in their important role of teaching our children.
My name is Leonie Vines and I am nominating myself for election for the Board of Trustees for Newlands Intermediate School. I am married and have two children. My eldest son is in year 7 at Newlands Intermediate School. Along with spending a lot of time attending and helping to manage and coach the boys’ various football, cricket, basketball, and swimming lessons, I make time for my own interests which are walking and running my small cake business. On top of these, I also work full time. With all the sports that keep my children busy, I have built a strong link to the community in which most of the children at Newlands Intermediate live in. It helps me to realise the different backgrounds, cultures, and needs of each child. My role at work gives me a strong set of skills to bring to the Board of Trustees. I do a lot of strategizing, governance work, policy writing and reviewing, and I have very good people and communication skills. I am focused on the here and now to help empower the staff at Newlands Intermediate to allow the current students to make the most of their time at intermediate school but also to help put in place long term goals and policies for future students and families of the Newlands Intermediate school community. I am keen to support the already strong and capable staff at Newlands Intermediate School and support the progress of the children and the environment that they learn in.





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