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On Monday 31st of July, as a way to learn about systems, Room 11, 13, and 9 went to The High and Supreme Court in Wellington. We learnt about how Court systems work in New Zealand and how there are different layers of court categories. If you paid close attention to the informative speech about the architecture, you would have found subtle hints relating to NZ culture. For example, the outer edge of the Supreme Courtroom depicts both the North and South Island through red specks representing our national pohutukawa tree in the North Island and our rata tree in the South. The interior of the Supreme Court is based on the shape of a Kauri cone. Anyone is welcome to go in and have a look and we suggest you do next time you are in town.

After the Supreme Court, we visited the High Court. It was styled like the old English buildings, complete with holding cells and paintings of all the previous 11 head judges of New Zealand. It’s made out of Kauri trees, something we would never use for a building material now.

By Caitlin Courage

Room 11

Ngā Wawata Trip to the Courts

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