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On Wednesday the 22nd of August, the Mathswell team - Ella P, Esther L, Matthew S, Nayomi T, Oliver B, Jaeyun fossil H, along with Miranda C and Lisa T (reserves) - went to Tawa Intermediate School to compete in the annual Mathswell competition. Mathswell is a maths competition where schools in Wellington battle it out in their year groups to find the top mathematicians in the city. This year, Kerwin M, a year 9 from Newlands College, came to coach us in both problem solving and multi choice techniques. Competing against 31 other teams in 4 rounds, they achieved a total of 23/26 in problem solving, and 24/30 in multi choice. With Raroa coming out in second place, we thought that we had no chance of beating them, but we were shocked to find out that we had won Mathswell!!! Our hard work and training has really paid off this year, and we hope for the best for our team next year!!
- Written by Ella Pan and Miranda Chen

Mathswell Team Winners

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