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A cloudless day filled with ragged breathing, tough hills, determination and sportsmanship, really made this year’s cross country a great one. Doubts about being able to complete the race were washed away, when the day commenced. Support was shown on every students face, as they cheered their friends and classmates on. With teachers showing us the way, we knew that we would never get lost. Maybe they would, but we wouldn’t.

The year 7 girls started the race off, putting forward a strong front. They pushed their way to the finish line and persevered the whole way. The year 7 boys were off next, running strongly through the route. Then the year 8 girls went and had courage and support for others. To finish was the year 8 boys bringing a smashing finish to our cross country.

Congratulations to the students that made top 10 and everybody else for giving it a go.

Top 3 placings:

Age Group:




Year 7 girls

Jessie Cahill

Charlotte Green

Sophia Wong

Year 7 boys

Toby Charles

Simon Korb

Jared Young

Year 8 girls

Hannah Campbell

Holly Smith

Aaliyah Atkinson

Year 8 boys

Ben Corlett

Asher Write

Nathan Thomson

Cross Country 2018

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