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 Hi there, my name is Ryan I am a year 8 student in Room 4 at Newlands Intermediate.  

At our school we have something called an apiscope, which is basically an internal beehive that we can view and leave for the bees to manage. It has polystyrene insulation in between the doors and the glass to keep the bees warm because if they get too cold they will die.

At the moment we are the only school in New Zealand to have an apiscope. It was put in in 2014 and it has served us really well.  As well as the apiscope we have 2 outdoor beehives. Last year the Queen in the apiscope stopped laying for a while over winter.  We got down to 20 bees and one Queen.  We thought we would lose them all!  In November a swarm of honeybees stopped in a tree here.  The teachers had to close off some of the school for our safety.  The bees were scouting out for a new hive.  Some of them entered the apiscope and this helped repopulate the apiscope. Anyways, thank you for reading and “bee” sure to check out the pictures as well.

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