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On Thursday, 1st of March, staff and students alike participated in a fun, energetic day. Down on the field of Newlands College, hundreds of people could be seen throwing vortexes, shot puts, and discuses as hard as they could. Well, those were just three of the activities. There was also sprints (200 and 100 metres), long jump, tug o’ war, and most importantly, horse riding. Of course, there weren’t any real horses, just people pretending.


The rotations kicked off soon after 9am. The clouds had not cleared, leaving the impression that it might rain. There were three activities in which something was thrown. Vortex, discus, and shot put. They all had the same purpose: throw it as far as possible. A few kids in each group managed to throw extremely well! How? That is something I do not know.


Sprints are something I personally dread. But… this year, it wasn’t too bad. With Mr Simons, Miss Vaughan, and Whaea Lena in charge, both sprints went exceptionally. The only dilemma the teachers had to overcome was the fact that both sprinting groups had to use the same track. There was a simple solution: 100m goes after 200m. That meant a little bit of waiting, but nobody really minded.


Long jump was interesting, plus, it was extraordinary watching others flying through the air and hitting the pit with such force. Tug o’ war was pretty much just as you’d expect it to be. 2 teams yanking on each end of a long rope, screaming encouragement to each other. Last but not least, there was horse riding. 1 ‘horse’, 1 rider, each kids, well you can just imagine what went down. Actually, the jockeys did pretty well staying on the backs of their horses, and the horses did great holding up their riders.


When it was nearing the end of the day, all syndicates gathered in the concrete stands. It was time for the chant competition. Every year, after all of the activities, the syndicates face off in an epic battle - belting their chants out as loud as they can. At first, each syndicate performs their chant to everyone else, and then they all go at once. During the separate chants, the judges were leaning towards Ngā Wawata, but when everyone did it together, Moemoeā stole the first place spot and took the victory for themselves.


Quickly following the chants, relay teams of 8 from each syndicate were chosen to face off. It was pretty close, but in the end, Moemoeā once again took 1st place, which meant running against the college students and the teachers. They all stayed press close throughout the race, until the college kids pulled ahead. They ran and ran, losing the other 2 teams behind them. College students win!


All up, Athletics day was enjoyed by all, and congratulations to Moemoeā who produced 2 victories! Everyone did amazingly and they all earned points for their syndicate. Their teachers will be so proud!

Athletics Day 2018

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